Friday, February 15, 2008

Demos in VT this weekend!

To all Vermont coffee fans, I'll be doing 2 in-store demos this weekend and you are invited to come meet Joe and I and try some of our coffee. Saturday, we'll be at Hunger Mountain Co-Op in Montpelier from 10am through 2pm. Sunday we'll be at Shelburne Supermarket in Shelburne also from 10am through 2pm. We'd really like to start meeting more of our Vermont customers, so if you live near the area please come say hi! We are going to start giving away coffee at our demos so if you do stop by, make sure and sign up to win.

Next week we're going to start posting info about each of our coffees on the blog, and also start offering coupons online which you can use at! Hope to see you over the weekend...


groundLoop said...

Thanks setting up shop in Shelburne this morning, thanks for recommending that I dust off my French Press, and thanks also for advising me on the proper grind (coarse).

I brewed the best cup of coffee I've had in years this afternoon. My wife even liked it a bit, and she generally lumps coffee together with inedible foodstuffs such as cauliflower.

The Nicaraguan, fresh ground, really made for a fantastic cup.

Thanks again, and best of luck in your new digs.

As an aside, perhaps, if you are looking for future blogging topics, would you be kind enough to explain to a novice like myself just what "Columbian Supremo" really is? Thanks.

sutte said...

Glad that french press worked out! We're putting some info about our Colombia coffee up later this week. We don't sell supremo, although we've been known to add small amounts to our espresso blend. I will see what info i can dig up, and post it..