Thursday, February 28, 2008

Coffee Profile: Organic Colombia Reserva

We are starting to profile a different coffee that we sell at every couple weeks. I'm going to try and get info and pictures of the farms, and Joe will cup the coffee and give us the low down. Our first coffee profile is on the Organic Colombia Reserva, a coffee we started selling about 6 months ago. In that time it's become one of our best sellers, and it is now being sold in several stores in Vermont.

The coffee is grown in Bucaramanga, Colombia, at Hacienda el Roble. The companies owner, Oswaldo, is shown here checking his crops. The coffee is actually named after the founder of the estate, Don Telmo, who passed away in 1932. This estate grows it's coffee under shade, is certified organic, and has to date built a church and a school on it's site, for the families that live and work there. Their socially conscious approach to farming, combined with a deep respect for the environment, makes them someone we enjoy promoting.

Joe, after cupping the coffee, had this to say: "The Reserva has an intensely rich chocolaty aroma. It's medium to full bodied, with a smooth, complex caramelly mouthful. There is a rich and balanced finish."

If you've had the Colombia, please let us know what you think. We think it's one of the best values on the site! It's on sale for a couple more days, here. We are going to have a Leap Year sale on the 29th, with a lot of coffees getting a deep discount, and the Jamaican Moy Hall is already discounted (for 2 more days!).


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