Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Game On: The Move is Complete

As of yesterday, the roaster has been wired, gassed and vented in our new facility. We also finally got our grinder over to the new space. My apologies to any of our customers that were waiting on orders to be ground! We had to have an electrician come wire a special outlet just for the grinder (it uses a lot of juice!).

Now it's back to roasting coffee! We will begin a series of demos at all of our supermarket locations in mid-February and I will post the details and times so any of our local customers can come try some free coffee!

Joe recommends that our customers try the new Organic/Fair Trade Ethiopian coffee, and still thinks that the Organic Colombian is the best tasting coffee for under $20 that he's ever seen. Give them a try and lets us know what you think.


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