Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Game On: The Move is Complete

As of yesterday, the roaster has been wired, gassed and vented in our new facility. We also finally got our grinder over to the new space. My apologies to any of our customers that were waiting on orders to be ground! We had to have an electrician come wire a special outlet just for the grinder (it uses a lot of juice!).

Now it's back to roasting coffee! We will begin a series of demos at all of our supermarket locations in mid-February and I will post the details and times so any of our local customers can come try some free coffee!

Joe recommends that our customers try the new Organic/Fair Trade Ethiopian coffee, and still thinks that the Organic Colombian is the best tasting coffee for under $20 that he's ever seen. Give them a try and lets us know what you think.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Move: Part 2

As of yesterday, we are all moved in to the new spot (with the exception of computer and computer desk for the office).

Here are some shots of the uhaul on one of our trips over, us moving about 7000 pounds of coffee in, and the roaster installed in it's new home.

We're hoping to be up and roasting by Thursday night. We'll keep you posted!


Monday, January 14, 2008

The Move: Part 1

Today we moved the roaster from it's home in the bowels of Winooski, to it's new spot in Burlington. Here are some of the pictures from the move. My favorite is the first one, with Joe faking tears as they cart up the roaster...

More pictures and news soon!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

We're Moving!

Happy 2008 to all of our loyal customers! is excited to announce that next Monday we are moving our roasting center to Burlington! For those of you from far away places, Burlington is the town that is next door to Winooski, our current location. It is the largest town in our small state, and it will be a great place for us to operate in. For starters, we have about twice as much room to warehouse coffee. We also wont have to walk down 25 steep stairs when getting coffee to and from our roaster.

For the customer, the biggest difference is that we won't run out of coffee as often (although certain Fair Trade co operatives, and Jamaican coffees will still be hard to find). We also won't be bothered with the restaurant that was above the old roasting facility, allowing us to focus more on coffee, our website and the wholesale business. This should make everything a bit smoother, and our jobs a bit more fun.

Here's some "before" pics of the new space. Look for more pictures next week as we install the roaster and bring over some coffee!