Thursday, December 6, 2007

New Coffee Club and Gift Packages Launched!

Good news for the holidays: We’re launching our new coffee clubs and gift packages today! I’m glad to be getting a coffee club up and running, as our customers have been requesting it as a holiday gift idea for a few months now. The Blue Mountain Club will actually reserve our customers Jamaican coffee, which we will hold when we start running low on stock. The Organic/Fair Trade Coffee Club will be a two pound a month club, Joe’s choice, of our favorite organic and Fair Trade coffees.

The gift packages range in price and style; from 4 pounds of organic coffees and a peaberry sampler package, up to a premium gift package that includes several of our high end coffees and premium Bodum coffee grinders. There are also some starter and accessory packages that come with small grinders, storage jars and French presses. Most of the packages come in a nice wicker tray, with a personalized card. If not, they are easily added (in fact you can add a gift basket or card to ANY order you place on the website now!).

Please take a look at the new items (click here) and let me know what you think!


Saturday, December 1, 2007

Joe is Back!

Blasting through the airport I can’t resist squeezing my bag of coffee! Don’t be alarmed! It’s early in the morning and I am itching for a French press of a high quality coffee called Colombia Reserva. I have to wait ‘til I get to my destination, but this rich and scrumptious coffee stirs notes of rich caramel and sweet dark chocolate liquor.

Sitting among others, I watch stressed out moms, aloof dads and their quiet, curious youth; hungry and waiting. They watch the cold through airport windows anticipating a destination away from the comfortable corners of their homes.
I move against my travel bag and squeeze a little air out of the one-way valve, which has become the “aroma hole.” The lofty essence of my coffee permeates the immediate vicinity and I start getting looks and quiet smiles. A random eyebrow lifts from the daily post behind rimmed glasses.
Of course the attention is being given to the pleasant aroma of coffee, and not my good looks. I can’t help imagining how maybe in my own world, a random scent changing the cloudiness of a gloomy hour waiting in the crowd, would be brightened by just a few moments of volatile aromatic accolade.